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Welcome to the Bridal Suite Make Up Collection, we have hand picked the perfect products we feel will photograph well and create the perfect bridal look on you or your clients special day.






























The Bridal Suite eye shadow palette is the

perfect choice in eye shadow colors that

will create a flawless bridal beauty look.



















But before we even think about applying eye

shadow for your big day its most important to

start off with a Shadow Base that will increase

the life or your shadows staying power, no need

to worry about your shadow creasing or coming

off from sweating or just enjoying a long full day,

with a Shadow Base your look will be with you  

until you take it off with make up remover.

*Using a shadow base is also great for bring out

the true color of a shadow.





















It’s your wedding day so take your lashes to the next

level! Our Lash Excellence Mascara has a molded,

flexible silicone brush that defines, elongates, and

accentuates for precise, evenly-spaced lashes. The

result is curvy, sexy, and irresistible. Best of all it’s

available in a waterproof formula. 






















Even if you don’t wear Lip Liner in your daily make

up routine there are benefits to wearing it for a long

eventful day like your wedding day. Lip liners define

your lips which is very important for photographs.

Lip liner gives a more polished clean look to lipstick.

Our long-wearing, water-proof, highly pigmented 

Ultimate Lip liners are soft, creamy pencils that glide on

effortlessly for intense, true color that won't feather or bleed.

*Make up artist tip: slightly filling in your lips with

lip liner helps increase the staying power of your lipstick.

























Top off your Lipstick with a weightless gloss that

adds a Lustrous shine to any Lipstick. A little

gloss in the center of your lips photographs

beautifully and is bound to complete your

flawless Bridal look!   


















We have also suggested a few other shades

that compliment this fantastic Palette in

the form of single shadows.


Waterproof Eyeliner on your wedding day is a no brainer; our Gel Eyeliners are highly-pigmented, waterproof, smudge-proof, long-wearing and glide on smooth and easy with an angled brush for a precise line.  


Beautiful soft Blushes that will keep you glowing on your wedding day. *Make up Artist tip:  lightly dust the pressed or loose Highlighter over the top of the cheek bone and down the bridge of the nose for an extra glow that photographs beautifully.


No look is EVER complete with out Lipstick! Our soft creamy lipsticks glide on effortlessly, delivering a weightless, rich, long lasting color that won’t fade or feather. The anti-oxidants in the formula soften and protect which make your lips look and feel beautiful. 


Complete your look with a perfect set of 100% European Hair Eyelashes. We offer a Variety of Lashes that photograph beautifully with Styles that complement Natural and Dramatic Bridal looks.  

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