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"Are My Flowers in Season?"

Using fresh flowers that are in season for wedding bouquets and decorations is the most economical choice and often the most beautiful. Here is a list of the seasonal availability of suitable flowers in different regions of the United States.


East Cherry blossom, columbine, dogwood, hyacinth, lilac, lily of the valley, mophead hydrangea, pear, peony, tulip


Cherry blossom, crab-apple blossom, daffodil, forsythia, lilac, lily of the valley, peony, tulip, viburnum

West Freesia, lily of the valley, pansy, poppy, ranunculus, rose, tulip, violet

South Dogwood, forsythia, foxglove, herbs, larkspur, magnolia, peach, pear, plum, rose, spirea, sweet pea, tulip, viburnum, wisteria


East Asiatic lily, black-eyed Susan, cosmos, delphinium, larkspur, pee gee hydrangea, rose, sunflower, zinnia

Midwest Clematis, cosmos, cockscomb, daisy, garden roses, hydrangea, rudbeckia, sunflower, viburnum, zinnia

West Begonia, delphinium, gardenia, hydrangea, pansy, poppy, rose, violet

South Aster, cosmos pee gee hydrangea, plumbago, rose, rosemary, sunflower, zinnia


East Amaryllis, bittersweet, crab apple, hydrangea, ornamental berries, rose, sugar maple, sunflower

Midwest Autumn foliage, crab apple, dahlia, ornamental berries, rose hip, rose, scabiosa

West Chrysanthemum, cosmos, coreopsis, Gerber daisy, hydrangea, lisianthius, pomegranate, rose, rose hip

South Bittersweet, galax, hydrangea, ornamental berries, rose, salvia, sassafras, sumac


East Dried flowers, evergreens, forced bulbs, ornamental berries, seedpods

Midwest Dried flowers, evergreens, forced bulbs, ornamental berries, seedpods

West Acacia, evergreens, forsythia, fruit blossoms, paper-whites, seeded eucalyptus, tulip

South Evergreens, hydrangea, rose

Seasonless (All Regions)

Anemone, Arianrose, calla lily, Casablanca lily, Champagne rose, forced bulbs, freesia, gardenia, ivies, lily of the valley, Message rose, ranunculus, Sarracenia (pitcher plant), Stargazer lily, stephanotis, vines, Virginia rose, white dendrobium orchid


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