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Our Top 5 Veils for 2016!

The hunt for the perfect veil is not easy… here is a list of our top 5 veil choices for 2016!

Birdcage veils are short veils that are typically made out of netting. They only cover a portion of a bride’s face and fall above the chin.

These veils are perfect for brides with a vintage vibe.

Elbow-length veils fall right around a bride’s elbows or waistline.

This pick looks flattering with almost any wedding dress style. It’s ideal for a bride looking for an easy, hassle-free veil.

Juliet cap veils come in a variety of lengths and have a vintage look that’s tied specifically to the 1920s and 30s.

The Juliet cap is the “it” veil of the moment. This veil style is perfect for a chic bride with a nostalgic side.

Blusher veils covers a bride’s entire face and ends around the shoulders. This veil is commonly paired with a longer veil and worn during more conservative ceremonies.

At the beginning of a ceremony, the person that walks the bride down the aisle (often the father of the bride) pulls back the blusher to reveal the bride’s face. Or at the end of a ceremony, the groom pulls back the blusher right before kissing the bride.

Mantilla veils are another style that comes in different lengths. Typically, a mantilla veil is round and lined with lace.

A bride should pin a mantilla veil about two inches from her hairline so that the lace trimming frames the side of her face and drapes downward. This is a gorgeous option to draw attention to a blushing bride’s glowing features.

Cathedral veils are the longest veil style—this veil trails behind a bride, well beyond her dress.

If you’re looking to create a dramatic effect, then a cathedral veil is the only way to go.

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