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Lets Talk Veils!!!!

When picking a Veil here are 3 important things to keep in mind:

Venue | Location, Location, Location… If your ceremony is taking place in a elaborate church, you may want to consider a long dramatic cathedral veil. Alternatively, if you’re getting married on a beach, it’s best to opt for a veil that’s shorter in length. This will also prevent the veil from blowing too much .

Dress | After buying the perfect gown now its time to find the veil that enhances your gown. Look for veil that compliments the embellishments on your gown. If you have a lace or beaded dress, look for a veil that compliments those elements. Don't forget, a veil should never draw attention away from you and your dress.

Hairstyle | Your choice of hairstyle plays a big part on which type of veil you should go for. Most veils work well with down hairstyles. But if you’re planning on a more elaborate hairstyle, choose a thin or sheer veil that won’t completely conceal your hair.

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